We are a contract only winery - we do not have our own vines or brands, so everything we do is about adding value for our clients. We are therefore totally focussed on supporting our clients and working with them to define their style of wine and involving them (as they want) in winemaking decisions. Hence the name: "Defined wine"

Winemaking - "Crate to case"

We can provide a full winemaking service for stills, sparkling and natural wines, covering every aspect of wine making, from receiving your crates of grapes, to delivering your cases of wine

We can also make wine for brands or own labels

We have a minimum press size of half a Ton, below which we don't think it is possible to make commercial quality wine. For those with smaller quantities we can offer an 'assemblage' service, pressing your grapes with those of others

We have two presses (one capable of pressing 4 Tons whole bunch, the other 1 Ton whole bunch) and 55 tanks of varying sizes, with temperature control

Storage, riddling and disgorging

We have the ability to store bottles in temperature controlled, secure bonded storage. With our own riddling, an automatic disgorgement line and labelling and boxing, we can provide a complete service for on-lees ageing 


We will also provide a support service, connecting you to local and export markets and organising all the associated logistics and paperwork